Prose and Pose into Pleasure


I am not flexible. I don’t have time. Why are you any different from anybody else? Can’t I just do this on youtube? Stop talking to me about my Spirit! Does this count as a workout?


Mainly, I enjoy asking THE questions. However, when it comes to the arena of Yoga, I climb off of my porch chair and speak my truth.

You have a right to enjoy your body. You deserve to wake up  each morning free of pain. It is your privilege and birthright to embody and enjoy your cunning mind, sumptuous spirit and magnificent body.

Time, Love Affairs, and the very real concerns of our earth sometimes take precedence over self-care.22405528_10100363616930673_7382313639011178105_n

Take a moment to pat yourself on the back for coming here.

The answers won’t paint themselves clearer

by the end of the page

or sunlit day

But a fleeting thought

butterfly wings caressing

your cheek

Your spirit

Take your tendons and ligaments

to the water’s edge

or take a yoga class


Reintroduce yourself

to your heart

Today is an auspicious day

to start



A picture is worth a thousand words!


Thank you for stopping by!